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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My sweet, sweet friends. I am so excited for them and their sweet little Baby Pea that will be here in the next few weeks. Whether baby girl gets dad's athleticism or mom's good looks and kind heart, this kid will be so very cherished and loved. Come on Baby Pea, we can't wait to meet you!

How sweet is that nursery and the quilt, yeah that's made of Granny Susan's clothes.  So special. And puppy brothers are super excited too, can't ya tell? :)

I can't wait to shoot this sweet girl's birth story, and newborn photos, and well ya know, whatever else aunt Meme desires, muhahahaha!


P.S. Know a sweet mom and dad-to-be that need some beautiful photos (even if mom is reluctant like this sweet girl)? Contact me above. I promise it will be so painless and they can go in a drawer if you feel larger than life. I assure you sweet momma, you are. You are larger than life not in size of your body, but in the size of your heart. You are growing a sweet babe and that is one of the most selfless actions any woman could endure. Wear it proudly, you are beautiful <3

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