Brand New Offering for 2016! :: Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Its been a bit of a quiet ending to our year, J and I have spent a lot of time together with the pups, just soaking each other up. Our little family had some really joyful news, and some really tough news to follow rounding out 2015. Pardon the less-than-professional backstory, just skip to the bottom for the announcement if you want ;)

My husband and I have struggled with infertility for years, and this fall we were finally able to get pregnant. I was excited, nauseous, and mortified. I guess women really do have some intuition, because I knew something was wrong. We found out a few short weeks later that the baby had stopped growing around 9 weeks along and we would eventually miscarry. Most of December, I could be found curled up on the couch crying, or watching HGTV to distract me from crying. But we were able to send our little angel to heaven naturally just before Christmas, which is what I wanted to prevent any further health issues.

So to say that I am ready for a new year is an understatement. We are truly encouraged by some progress and the pregnancy certainly made things a lot more real for us so we can prepare for a future babe (God willing). 

Why am I tell you all this personal stuff? This tough stuff just solidifies why I pour my heart into capturing timeless images for your families. Whether that "family" word means a couple waiting and hoping, a couple with their fur babies, a family of 3, or a house full of kiddos. Thank you a million times for sharing your lives and your littles with me and allowing me to capture your amazing pesonalities! We are so very blessed and hopeful for the new year.

Now check out the new Baby Steps plans! This bun has been in the oven for years now and I am so excited to finally introduce it to you all. Please let me know what you think, send all those pregger mamas my way, and contact me to book. I want to make sure every milestone is captured as your family grows (it happens too fast)!
From womb to walking, I want to capture all your sweet babe's milestones. And these plans include the gorgeous elite products that would look great in the nursery or on a coffee table. They make great gifts for that expectant mama in your life too.

XOXO and Have a blessed New Year,

P.S. I love providing birth photography too when my schedule permits, hope to add to a plan down the road. Let me know if any babes are due this summer. Birth photography in the hospital is the most amazing stuff ever, and completely PG rated ;). 

P.S.S Stay tuned for some fun mini session options coming soon too! Happy New Year.

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