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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"She loves bows, gets really upset when I take them out of her hair."

Hadley Margaret has a special place in my heart. From maternity photos, newborn, and now a whole year old...I just can't get over that sweet smile.

And her parents are so much fun, when they are not busy being awesome at everything (I had to catch mom jet-setting to answer a few quick questions about their session).

How did you feel before the photo shoot? Did you have any concerns?
Not really - I mean you want the pictures to turn out well and was obviously hoping Hadley would be her usual happy, silly self :)

Beautiful fall clothing choices, where did you get your inspiration?
I love Tea Collection for Hadley - just couldn't resist the little flannel top.  I have to give Dress & Dwell in New Albany a shout out for my shirt too (check them out here).  That's my go-to.  Josh just had to coordinate with the girls.  :)

What makes Hadley giggle the most?
She LOVES Peek a boo.  She also loves to be chased and to make silly noises.

What were your hopes for the session?
To capture this time in our lives which has been so precious and to capture all of the joy Hadley Margaret has brought to our family.  She is a complete blessing.

Based on the few images you've seen, do you think we accomplished goals?
So far - yes!!!  I'm dying to see the rest.

What did you talk about in the car as you left the shoot?
We love Michelle!  You're so easy to be with and genuine and it was just a really enjoyable session.  Went by fast!

We could not have asked for a prettier day, and Hadley is always a joy. This session was tons of fun and I agree that it went by so fast, they did an amazing job.


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