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Monday, October 20, 2014

Isn't there something authentic and natural about a naked baby.  There is something about a little one, in his most natural form, creates some of the most simple and beautiful images. This post is about how one newborn portrait setup can create many gorgeous images. Same baby, same blanket, same pose.

I wanted to take a moment, in the midst of all of the editing I do, I sometimes get so pigeon-holed that I don't see the simple beauty right in front of me. This black blanket has seen a lot of newborn shoots (and all the extra stuff that come out of with said newborns). But it always ends up helping me make great images, the kind that show off that sweet new babe.

I have included a behind the scenes shot to show my little setup. I placed my bean bag poser right in front of the sliding glass doors to utilize as much natural light as possible on a half-way gloomy fall day.

I also placed an inexpensive studio light (continuous light, not strobe) outside of the door and a reflector above baby's head. You can also see my little heater set up a safe distance from baby, keeping him warm and happy.

Everything from detail shots, to wider full body portraits, you can get all of these different images while baby is comfortably snoozing away.

But time after time, this little black backdrop creates some of my favorite images.

Here's to sleeping (naked) babies, and sleeping like a baby.


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