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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To start off today's post, I just want to say how thankful I am to each of you.

Even if you haven't booked a session with me yet, or are taking a peek at a friend's photos, I appreciate you so much! Without each and every set of eye balls looking at this blog, I wouldn't be who I am or be doing what I'm doing today.

And I am oh so blessed.


And that was brought to you by my new blog design.

 As a creative person, when I sit down to write, it is sometimes difficult. I have to yank stuff out of myself that I normally keep tucked inside. Words are not nearly as much of my forte as say... images :)

So my new blog wasn't going to write its own welcome section - See right sidebar------>
- and I got to thinking about what makes me tick, and it might sound corny, but its all of you.

When I was growing up and my mom asked me to draw her a picture, I would always respond, "a picture of what?" My imagination had tons to draw, but I needed something to inspire me.

You inspire me.

I want to make art that you ADORE. Art that speaks to your soul and captures your heart. And I cannot possibly do that in my line of work without your gorgeous families, kids, pets, and YOU.

So thank you and with out further ado, little Mr. Jack.

He is oh so loved too.

 Mama had a super long delivery, and little Mr. Jack was too comfy to leave hotel Mama. The morning of Jack's shoot, I arrived and he had just eaten, usually a good way to make itty-bitties milk drunk and groggy. Well, we started the shoot and had a few of a very alert little Jack.

We got a few yawns and I thought we were getting groggy, then Boing, eyes were back open.

And this photo about half way down, he was literally laughing at me. Haha I am not sleeping for you!

His little Lullaby Lambs Soother helped quite a bit, and he talked me into snuggling and bouncing him for a while (geez twist my arm:)). Jack finally fell asleep and let us pose him with Bow Ties + Baskets like the little blond-headed doll that he is.

I sure hope mom and dad are able to enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed making Jack's first bit of art.

 He did great, after being slightly over interested that he didn't miss anything, but we will call that determined.

 Oh my word... those sweet little toes. Those snuggles ended up being pretty dang sweet for me too.


Cowboy Boots + Kisses | Louisville, KY Family Portrait Photographer

Monday, June 29, 2015

A mother holds her sons hand for a while and his heart for a lifetime. © 2015 MHaas Photography |

This little family was so much fun, I cannot believe how long I have gone without sharing some of these photos!

© 2015 MHaas Photography |

When mama said she was bringing her little boy I was excited to meet them, as I always am with new friends - Stacey was one of our giveaway winners from last fall. But when she told me COWBOY BOOTS, I got a little giddy.

I knew the perfect spot was over at a local farm and historical home called Blackacre. After a ton of awesome idea emails and a crappy rain out day, we found a beautiful morning, and boy did we get some great shots.

© 2015 MHaas Photography |© 2015 MHaas Photography |

I may be a bit quirky at times, and during our shoot you may feel weird when I ask you to do something. But, there is usually a prize for putting up with me, awesome photos like these :)  (Disclaimer: As long as your kids - and I - have had a nap :))

© 2015 MHaas Photography | 

This little cowboy though... oh my gerd!
© 2015 MHaas Photography |

Long Grass and Gardens [family] | Louisville, KY Family Photographer

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This special family is the epitome of the client turned friend. I cannot tell you how many times this sweet family has been in front of my camera and I must say it is such a joy to watch then grow. Just look at these sweet girls and the love their amazing parents share.

We started the ideas for this family shoot at their house via text, like so many times before. But when I heard of Randi's idea for photos of the girls playing in the garden and on their new playground, I thought... how fitting. These girls are growing like the tomato plants in compost, tall and healthy in the element they were intended.

I was delighted that we would be capturing some amazing lifestyle photos of the family being authentic, in their element. It is how I hope to photograph every single person I have the honor to shoot - REAL - in their element, their comfortable, authentic selves.

I look forward to our shoots and ordering sessions not because of any monetary gains or business advances I may make. But because we get to talk about David's business and the fun things the girls are doing in school. I make plans with Randi to visit the parish picnics for some games and fun.

This wonderful family is not only an amazing client family that I enjoy working with a few times a year, they are friends and I am so blessed to call them that... Dusty and all.

The Smith Clan [Established 1930] | Louisville, KY Family Portrait Photographer

Friday, June 12, 2015

This family was so much fun and they came with some great ideas.

I couldn't wait to share some sneak peeks of them but there were so many great photos of this amazing group I had a hard time figuring out where to start.

We had some amazingly meaningful pieces to this shoot - just look at that gorgeous frame made by G-Daddy.

I am so honored to be able to create some lasting art for this family to enjoy and pass along for many generations to come.

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