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Friday, January 24, 2014

I am currently working on this little thing I like to call the Workspace Re-work and I would love a little feedback from my favorite peeps.  The topic is pricing, and before you click through to another post, I want you to know that this is not the scary OMGee she's raising her prices post.

I am working with some local entrepreneurs and trying to research the perfect options for my customers. I love the idea of packages, which I currently offer, but also would hate to tie anyone down to things they don't really want.  So enter my purpose for posting.

YOUR feedback is super valuable to me.  I want to know what makes you tick, what will be cherished for always, what will be of tremendous value to you, and what is sooo last decade (yes valley girl tone necessary).  So my thoughts are to keep it simple and significant.

Mad Men at its finest, I don't watch the show but thought this quote could not be more fitting to how I feel about what my photo package offerings should be.  Could be.

So tell me...what would you buy?

Assuming of course that the images were your loved ones that you would like to treasure for always.

What tangible things would you invest in?
Wall prints for the living room?
A canvas over the dresser?
How about an album to pull out at family gatherings?
Or would you like gift prints to display on the shelves of your dearest friends and family?

Drop me a comment or find out what others like and share this on facebook with the little button below.


New Year, New MHP | louisville, ky portrait photographer

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hi all of my lovelies!

It has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over and I can share my baby with you.  No this is not a human baby, I couldn't grow one that fast.  But this is my virtual baby.  I have put a ton of blood sweat and tears into this and I sure do hope you like it.  Its my new website!

Hop on over to and check it out.

I love the huge photos and I have added a ton more features that I hope will make your lives easier.  This is a complete rebrand for me, in that I have a new look on my website, AND I will be unveiling a whole new set of "packages" that feel less like [insert big box store here] portrait studio, and more like "ahh refreshing, she knows exactly what I want and I don't have to sell a kidney for it".  At least I hope that is how you feel after reading my new offerings.  If you don't, please please PLEASE let me know.  Because this is intended to be a breath of fresh air for us both.  I know that you guys want things that are easier, more digital (it is all the rage after all) and faster.  So these are the things that I hope to have allowed with some straightforward pricing structure.

I am going to celebrate my birthday tomorrow and I will be back a little older and much wiser and will have tons more fun stuff to peruse soon, so stay tuned.

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