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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am starting this year off with the hopes of helping you, my friends and clients. I hope to help you understand what I do, how I do it, and hopefully put you at ease about photographs. So here goes.

You are normal. You really are. Your family is normal.
Your kid who won't look at the camera or stop wiggling or fussing is normal.
Your husband who smiles too hard, or too scary is normal.
Your teenager who thinks they are way too cool for school (or photos) is normal.
Your dog (or 4 year old) who has to be bribed is normal.
You are normal.

And it is my job to capture something anyway. I can help you get those amazing photos of your normal family, because I know some tricks, I have some patience, and I have the quick trigger finger to catch something before the melt down really ensues.  I do have real like examples, but I will leave those to your imagination to protect the innocent.

Today remember you are normal. Tomorrow, a new revelation to share with you.


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