Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Helllllo bloggers!

I am starting this blog to accompany my existing photography business/website/facebook page (I will share all of my info at the bottom of this post so you can go oogle at all of my work).  So, I guess you could say I am officially on the technological social networking band wagon...except for twitter.  I don't have enough to say to tweet all of the time.  I would rather show everyone what I am up to. 

This photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago as my husband and I were riding the sky lifts in Gatlinburg, TN.  We had the most amazing time on our honeymoon weekend and I am still a photographer, even if I am only schlepping an iPhone 4 and not the normal oodles of gear.  I love my iPhone and it takes some great shots.  But there were only a few from this altitude because I tend to be a but clumsy, and I would really like to hold on to this little piece of Apple magic for a while longer. 

So that is a little about me and I hope to continue posting as my real life and consistent photographic endeavors allow.  If anyone finds out how to get more hours out of the day, please share the love :)

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